Order SMS Notification 模块




Improve customer relationship

  • Make your customers happy and notify them about order status change via SMS notifications

Increase sales

  • Promote your products and services via targeted & personalized bulk SMS

Stay informed

  • Receive with other store admins SMS notifications whenever a new order is placed, a product is out of stock, and much more.

Customer & Admin SMS notification
Your customers are what matters most. Notify them.

  • Send personalized and automated SMS notifications to your customers about their order status and improve customer relationship
  • Activate/deactivate SMS message templates for any situation that occurs during the order process, and adjust the text
  • Create your custom SMS notifications
  • Adjust multilingual SMS templates and notify your customers in their native language, or the language of the visited website
  • Automatic conversion of customer´s mobile number to international format and many other great features!

Receive SMS notifications whenever there is any change in your store.

  • Receive SMS notificationswhenever a new order is placed, cancelled, product is out of stock, or other event occurs in your store
  • Activate one or more admins for each SMS message template (event), so nothing slips through the cracks. One of the admins will receive SMS alerts whenever the event happen

Bulk SMS campaigns & target marketing
Attract your customer’s attention

  • Promote your products and services, and increase your sales via targeted & personalized bulk SMS campaigns
  • Import contacts to your bulk SMS campaign via CSV/Excel, enter numbers manually or your store
  • Shorten your links in your marketing campaigns with our URL shortener. Save precious characters to create a better message & get more valuable statistics in the campaign dashboard.

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