Live Sales Notification 模块




Want to alert customers to sales happening in your online store?

Live sales notification increases customer’s trust by displaying real-time sales notifications on your store. It convinces your prospective customers that yours is a reliable store and that other people trust your products. You can show notifications for specific products or categories, customize the notification message, schedule notifications, display them in different formats, and more.

With the feature, you can:
Display sales notifications on your site
Show notifications for specific products or categories
Share notifications for items in customers’ real orders
Notify customers of out-of-stock products
Display notifications on both desktop and mobile
Customize notification messages
Set notifications on a loop, for a duration, or by session
Display notifications in multiple locations: home page, checkout page, cart page
Choose from multiple notification designs and sound options
Display real-time sales notifications
Live sales notification is a confidence booster for your store’s visitors. When they see recent sales popups telling them that many other people are purchasing from the store, they will be more at ease in making their purchases. The plugin syncs with store’s sales data and generates real sales popups.

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