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Fine Studio is a custom website/App design company in Toronto serving clients across Canada.

We adhere to the highest standards and we are determined to produce the best for our clients

We digitally transform enterprises, sme's, agencies and start-ups inside out.

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Fine Studio has established a well-coordinated production process, we have provided services for over 100 companies over the years.

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Fine Studio is a software development company headquartered in Toronto.

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We adhere to the highest standards and we are determined to produce the best for our clients


Fine Studio has provided services for QJD, SF Express, New Stream Realty and Easy 4.0.


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What is our core value behind Web / APP development?

Upon first entering a website or APP , a user would not be thinking about the code behind it. Instead , they will only focus on the function and user-friendliness of the interface.

Hence, here at Fine Studio, besides the quality and stability of the product, we also emphasize on the visul appearence and navigation of the front-end functions.

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What are the stages of Web Development?

Here are the stages of website development

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation---> Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle---> Content Writing and Assembly--->Coding---> Testing, Review, and Launch--->Maintenance and Regular Updating

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What’s the Difference between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps?

Native app is the fastest and most reliable when it comes to user experience. Native apps can also interact with all of the device’s operating system features. However, a bigger budget is required if you want to build your app for multiple platforms and to keep it updated.

The advantage of hybrid apps is that you can build them on a single base, which allows you to add new functionalities to multiple versions of your app.

Our DIY App template - FineAPP can instantly give you many functions that you desire.

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